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Posted at 1525 hours on 13/07/09 | Posted in Music

Selling my Jim Kelly FACS 30/60 amplifier

Its not very often that I sell any of my gear, but I have decided to let this amplifier go. I am now using my TwoRock amps exclusively, this fantastic unit deserves to be played regularly and loved by those listening.

Jim Kelly FACS 30/60 amplifier

This is a very rare amp indeed. Bought in 1982 it has been the mainstay of my collection. By far, one of the sweetest, smoothest distortion tones found in ANY amplifier, period!

If you want to hear some recorded examples of this amp, you can refer to any good Bonnie Raitt record (she uses two single channel models), or you can even whip out Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” from their `Brothers in Arms’ album. What a sound!! That’s a double channel FACS combo running through a Marshall cabinet on that song; basically the model I am selling.

Jim Kelly FACS Power Attenuator

If you look at any review on the web on Jim Kelley FACS amplifiers – you will only hear positive things and the advice “if you find one – buy it!”

I have looked after this amp beautifully – its been loved and cared for since 1982. The only small signs of ware are a few scratches on the wood. This could be refinished if you felt it necessary.


  • Top of the range model with hardwood cabinet – figured maple
  • Channel switching
  • Fitted with a lovely Tone Tubby TT Alnico 12 loudspeaker
  • Transformer buffered effects loop for send and return
  • Reverb on both channels
  • Original owners manual
  • Fitted with the original ‘Groove Tubes’

Additional stuff

  • the flight case shown in the picture made specifically for this amp is included
  • I have the original footswitch and the power soak which operates for channel two. This allows you to drive the amp hard and introduce that lovely 6V6 output tube distortion at low levels!

To see more photos, take a look at my Flickr photosream

If you are seriously interested, just contact me!


  1. Ody Johnson on 29/07/09 at 0030 hours

    Really cool amp . . . Have got lots of different permutations . . . including a single-channel Jim Kelley that I LOVE . . .

    Let me know what you’re asking . . . if something works for both of us . . . I’m interested.

    Ody J

  2. Simonski on 04/08/09 at 1615 hours

    This has now been sold to a very knowledgeable bloke from Chicago.

    I was indeed sad to see it go BUT my new TwoRock 10th Anniversary unit is on its way:

    I am sure I will be writing an article about this rascal.

  3. Ody Johnson on 12/08/09 at 1536 hours

    My Brother,

    Got the amp . . . thanks for an excellent transaction.

    Ran some routine maintenance and will be taking it to rehearsal this evening . . .

    It’s LOUD . . . louder than my other Kelley . . . have also invested in some new ear filters . . .

    Ody J

  4. Simonski on 12/08/09 at 1554 hours

    Great work Ody…

    It is loud! I usually use the 30W setting. For bigger gigs 60W. The addition of an old Orange 4x12 fitted with 70’s Celestion G12H sounds truly awesome…

    Will keep in touch and next time I am in Chicago I will look you up…


  5. geo schiffer on 04/06/10 at 0209 hours

    I’ve got a tolex rendition that i’m thinking about selling. i’d be very interested in knowing what the deal closed for. thanks if you can.


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