Recent equipment & gear entries

  • Guild F-512 - The king of the acoustic 12 string...

    Guild F-512

    My first acoustic was an EKO 12 string which didn't sound great and played like a pig, but you can't help but love the sound of these instruments. Listen to Pete Townshend, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian May, Dave Gilmour and you will hear these rascals. It's pretty essential as part of a guitarists armory and I looked for ages to find the right one. This is it, and it's great... Read more »

  • National Reso Rocket Steel - Classic sound; bitch to play

    National Reso Rocket Steel

    The excuse to myself was that we were stocking our new Supertone Records studio with as many classic instruments as possible. The reality of course is that I have always desired a resonator guitar and now use it all the time. Before buying, I took advice from my friend Andy Swearman, who has a fetish for these beasties. He suggested I go for this model 'Because of the way I play'. He was right. Read more »

  • Neumann U47 FET - The standard for recording kick drum and double bass...

    Neumann U47 FET

    Dynamic mics have their place for sure, but I love ribbons and condensers for recording. Kick drums can be troublesome, especially if they have a full front head, but stick one of these bad boys in front and you have an instant sound. Combined with a vintage AKG D12, you have the sounds of the 70's. Read more »

Live Shows

Simon Campbell Band featuring Suzy Starlite

Bigornia Café Bar, Calle Museu 10, 46003 Valencia, España

Simon Campbell & Suzy Starlite up close

Una Cosa Rara, Calle Villanueva y Gascons 2, 46008 Valencia, España

Simon Campbell Band featuring Suzy Starlite

Peter Rock, Carrer de l'Explorador Andrés, 19 46022 Valencia, España