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  • HiWatt DR201 - Starlite's heavyweight baby

    HiWatt DR201

    When Starlite started to play bass, she asked what was the best amp to use. Knowing the style of music we create, it had to be a tube amp. I mentioned the vintage Ampeg Portaflex B-15-N, Orange/Matamp 200 and Ampeg SVT. I totally forgot about the HiWatt but when we saw that master amp guru Roland Lumby had one in for repair, she made an offer and the rest is history. Needless to say it is perfect, and now used daily with a Bergantino NV610. Read more »

  • Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut 'TV' - Fabulous for slide and balls out Rock'n Roll...

    Gibson Les Paul Special Doublecut 'TV'

    Every electric player should own a guitar fitted with P90's! Les Paul, Neil Young, George Harrison, Matt Bellamy and countless others, have all used guitars fitted with the little blighters. I fell in love with the sound in 1977 after hearing Danny Kustow playing an Epiphone Coronet in the Tom Robinson Band. This guitar is my favourite solid body using these little fellas and good friend Rob Livesey sold me this custom shop '60 model; it plays like a dream. Read more »

  • Ampeg Reverberocket - Fabulous tremolo and reverb. Perfect grab and go!

    Ampeg Reverberocket

    My good friend, Paul Braddock, always raves about these beasties. Mike Campbell, the Rolling Stones, The Faces are all notable users of Ampeg! I heard 'Good Rockin At Midnight' which I believe was recorded in one take by Jeff Beck with a Reverberocket. I picked one up through a friend of mine, Roland Lumby from the 'Amp Clinic' who restored it. Fantastic... Read more »

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